Meet Reports

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Scottish University & College Athletics Indoor Championships

15th March, 2017

In the throwing events, EUAC were off to a strong start with Shane O'Neill coming 1st place in the men's javelin throw with a distance of 44.59m and Callum Alexander achieving 2nd place, with a distance of 42.88m. In the women's javelin throw, Elleana Hull came 1st place with a distance of 31.38m. Sarah McDonald came 3rd place and Anna Jonsson-Sundberg came 6th place, with a distance of 15.12m and 11.93m.

The sprinting events saw some impressive results from EUAC. Elizabeth Musgrove won the women's 100m sprint with a time of 12.75s, Juliet Gold came 3rd place in 13.00s and Josie Parry came 4th place with a time of 13.68s. In the men's 100m sprint, Ross Edmonds won the final with a rapid time of 11.20s, and Ezra Toh and Amir Al Idrus came 4th and 5th place with times 11.54s and 11.73s. In the women's 800m race, Katie McKenzie came 2nd place with a time of 2min30s and Sarah Bell and Beth Francis came 4th and 5th place, with times of 2min31s and 2min47s. There was strong competition in the men's 800m and our athletes Joe Cohen, Will Parkinsons and Sam Thomson came in 4th, 5th and 6th place respectively, with times 2min19s, 2min21s and 2min30s.

Our team did very well in the women's 400m sprint, with Elizabeth Musgrove coming first place with a time of 1.00.63min, Juliet Gold coming second with a time of 1.00.75min and Kathy Lam coming 5th with a time of 1.08.19min. In the men's 400m, George Lawson won the race with a time of 53.26s, German Moshes came 5th place with a time of 57.06s and Nick Van Oosterom came 6th place with a time of 58.04s.

In the women's shot put, Sarah McDonald came 2nd place, with a throw of 7.36m and Anna Jonsson-Sundberg came 4th place with a distance of 6.76m. In the men's shot put, George Lawson won the final with an impressive throw of 8.68m and Amir Al Idrus came 4th place with a throw of 7.03m. In the women's long jump, Elizabeth Musgrove came first place with an impressive jump of 4.80m. Emma Boyle came 2nd place with a distance of 4.51m and Alison Stewart came 4th place with a distance of 4.35m. In the men's long jump, Ross Edmonds came 2nd place with a jump of 5.37m and Ben Chan came 4th place with a distance of 4.65m.

Finally, the relays posed an exciting race for both teams. The women's 4x100m relay team were successful in achieving 1st place, with a time of 52.25s and the men's 4x100m A relay team came a close second with a time of 46.37s, with our B team coming third with a time of 49.56s.

Overall, the competition hosted an exciting day at the track with some friendly rivalry and provided another opportunity for our athletes to measure their progress this season. It was a close competition, however Edinburgh University Athletics Club won the Corsar Trophy with 75 points, and Heriot-Watt came second place with 69 points.


British Universities & Colleges Sport Indoor Championships

17th - 19th February, 2017

Last weekend, Edinburgh University Athletics Club had 15 athletes travel down to Sheffield to compete in the BUCS Nationals competition, the final event in our indoor season calendar for this academic year. This is a prestigious competition with exceedingly high standards, attracting the very best athletes British Universities have to offer.

The weekend was launched with the 60m, with Ross Edmonds and Ezra Toh achieving 4th and 6th places respectively in their heats. In the men's 200m, both George Lawson and Ezra Toh came 4th place in their heats, with George achieving a Season's Best of 23.80s. In the women's 200m, Juliet Gold came 3rd place in her heat with a Season's Best of 27.04s.

Later in the course of the sprinting events, Roy Shankland won his 400m heat with an impressive time of 50.42s, however unfortunately didn’t get placed in the final. Ross Edmonds came 4th in the men's 400m heats and Anna Nelson came 2nd in the women's 400m heats, later in the weekend coming a close 4th in the women's 400m semi-final.

In the middle distance races, Alastair White achieved 5th place in the men's 800m heats and Zoe Brown finished 7th place in the women's 800m heats, with a Season's Best of 2.41 minutes. In the long distance races, Caitlin Cole came 9th place in the heats with tough competition, and Edinburgh University Hare & Hounds Athlete Louise Mercer qualified for the final, coming 9th place overall with a Season's Best of 9.57 minutes.

The jumping events showed equally challenging competition over the course of the weekend, however saw several of our athletes achieve Personal Bests. In the women's 60m hurdles, Josie Parry came 5th place in her heat, bagging a new PB of 9.27s, and Clare Robinson came 6th place in her heats, achieving an incredible 9.27s PB. Furthermore, Clare qualified for the women's long jump final, where she came 9th place with a distance of 5.42m.

The men's long jump heats saw an inspiring start for Che Richards, who achieved a new PB with a remarkable distance of 7.64m. Later in the competition, Che persisted in the final, coming a victorious 1st place with a final jump of 7.46m. Howard Bell also qualified for the men's long jump final, achieving a Season's Best of 6.74m in the heats and coming 11th place overall. In the women's high jump, Alison Stewart came 12th place in the qualification round, jumping a Season's Best of 1.50m and in the women's pole vault, Kirsten Mullen came 7th overall in the qualification round, with a Season's Best of 3.00m.

In the mascot relay races, our one and only "Hector the Panda" suffered an unfortunate face-plant to the ground within the first five metres, however did well to regain 5th place in his heat.

Overall, our club demonstrated a strong team effort from all members, and the weekend saw multiple Season's and Personal Bests from our athletes. This three-day competition tested our athletes against the best competitors in the United Kingdom, and results from the weekend have encouraged the club to progress with enthusiasm into outdoors season with a well-deserved successful end to the indoors season calendar.


Scottish University & College Athletics Indoor Championships

4th February, 2017

EUAC achieved some fantastic results from the SUCA competition at Emirates Arena in Glasgow. The Scottish University & College Athletics indoor championships marks the first University Competition of 2017, with a friendly atmosphere and a great opportunity to get back on the track.

Che Richards set the new Scottish University record in the long jump, with an outstanding distance of 7.37m and won the men's 60m in 6.96s. Clare Robinson achieved both silver in the women's 60m hurdles with a time of 9.34s and bronze in the long jump, with a distance of 5.40m. In the pole vault, Kirsten Mullen won silver with a height of 2.90m, and in triple jump Ronan Dance came fourth place with a new PB of 12.26m. With a time of 11m41s, Caitlin Cole won bronze in the women's 3000m, an impressive result after a period of injury out of track competitions, and Anna Nelson won bronze in the women's 400m, with a time of 56.59s.

Finally, Edinburgh showed a strong performance in the relays. In both the men's 4x400m and the women's 4x200m, our teams achieved silver with a times of 3m52s and 1m47s respectively. Congratulations for everyone who took part - the club are very proud of their achievements and are motivated to better our results further for the BUCS competition coming up mid-February.


Freshers' Match

19th October, 2016

Edinburgh University Athletics Club saw a promising start to the year after competing in the Scottish Universities and Colleges Athletics Freshers Match at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow on 19th October. This match marked the first event in the indoor season calendar, with one of the best turnouts we've seen yet.

The Freshers Match is a friendly competition attracting universities from all over Scotland, including Edinburgh's prime rivals Glasgow University. This year, ten universities and colleges competed in total, and the club successfully came away with silver, an impressive result given the high standards the competition presented with.

The morning was set off to an explosive start with Josie Parry coming first in the Women's 60m hurdles with an outstanding time of 9.40s, bagging herself a PB. Our athletes also shone in the sprinting events, with Andrea Goodman coming 2nd and 3rd place in the Women's 60m and 200m respectively, and Ezra Toh coming 3rd in both Men's 60m and 200m. William King achieved an impressive PB coming second place in the Men's 800m with a time of 1.59.46, and in the Women's 1500m our two athletes Beth Francis and Katie Mackenzie accomplished 2nd and 3rd place.

Our long distance runners faced a challenge in the afternoon with the countless laps around the indoor track, but Kirsten Bamford was successful in achieving 3rd place in the Women's 3K. Finally, as one of our International exchange students from Canada, Kenya Costa-Dookhan came 2nd place in the Women's long jump, with an impressive result of 5.02m.

As always, the athletics club remained positive and supportive throughout the day, well representing the university. This competition has inspired our athletes to better their performances through the upcoming weeks of training and has set us in good stead for other competitions in the near future.