Edinburgh University Athletics

Edinburgh University Athletics club is one of the oldest clubs in Edinburgh and predates the Sports Union itself.

Edinburgh University Athletics Club is rich in history: tracing back to 1866. Along with Cambridge and Oxford, Edinburgh University was one of the only clubs to hold annual competitions, almost unbroken for a century and a half. The club was initially run by the rector Lord Neaves, and now students of the University take on role with George Lawson and Anna Jonsson Sundberg bearing the responsibly of male and female captain.

The foundation of Athletics was at the training ground at Greenhill Park in 1867 but eventually moved to the commonwealth stadium, Meadowbank, in 1970 where it has remained ever since. The sport started with what would be seen as comical in modern days: athletics with 3-legged runs to stilt races. The club has supported many great athletes spanning from Olympic gold medallist Eric Liddell in 1923 to Olympian and twice Commonwealth silver medallist Eilidh Child in 2009.

picture of greats