Meet the Committee

This is the committee who have been voted in this year, 2016/17. They are a dedicated lot and will ensure you get the best out of your time in Athletics and University.

"A great group of people who will definitely put in the time needed to ensure everyone has the best year in the club. It will be a great year and I wish them all the very best!" - Patrick Corsar (Male Captain 2014/2015)


Male Captain - George Lawson (GL)

Main Events - 100m, 200m

How to spot him: Always covered in layers of edgy sportswear, this Wimbledon boy tends to come off harder than he is. Drop a grime reference or show him a pug photo and you've got his respect


Female Captain - Anna Jonsson Sundberg (IKEA)

Main Events - 800m

How to spot her: Not your typical sultry Swede, Anna brings her unique combination of sass and charm to the committee table. She fuels her training with a diet of moose and ABBA. If you do get her to smile, you are in for a rare but worthwhile treat. Her pearly whites have been known to light up the big cheese d-floor. A notorious drunk hugger, EUAC has nothing but love for our female captain.


Secretary - Alice Horne (Snapchat Superstar)

Main Events - 60m, 100m

How to spot her: Determined to achieve BNOC status before medic studies (and cats) take over her life, Alice will be found at every prow carrying as many VKs as possible.


Treasurer - Caitlin Cole (Booh-ray)

Main Events - 1500m, 3000m

How to spot her: Caitlin will be either covered in mud (and bruises probably) from a long run or complaining about how she's not been for a run today. Sometimes mistaken for a 12-year-old, she talks and swears like a true Northerner


Sprint Training Secretary - Juliet Gold (JG)

Main Events - 60m, 100m, 200m

How to spot her: Always talking loudly and passionately about training and with a big smile on her face, Juliet is the cute freckled girl who looks stronger than you.


Middle Distance Training Secretary - Katherine Szymanski

Main Event - 800m

How to spot her: A longstanding and committed member, Kath can be spotted at training in any weather. She'll be the one that always shows up 20 minutes late for hills.


Competition Secretary - Caroline MacKinnon

Main Event - 400m

How to spot her: The only fresher to be elected onto the committee this year and a dedicated track athlete, she is easiest recognized as the dark-haired one in the club's main girl band.


Publicity Officer- Katie Lowe (Get Lowe)

Main Event - 100m

How to spot her: Don't let her brains and gains intimidate you; when she's not caring for the poor and injured (us most of the time tbh) she's plotting new ways to make us look even better. Katie's friendly face is one you cannot not like.


Alumni Officer - Michael Dias (Michy D)

Main Event - socials

How to spot him: Although easy to spot from his big ears and saucy dance moves, Michael can usually be localized from miles away by hearing alone. Snorting loudly from laughter 70% of the time.


Social Secretary - Kyle Laing

Main Events - 60m, 100m

How to spot them: This charming Dunbar lad is the ladies man of the committe and if not busy getting massive at the gym will most likely be heading into Pollock.