Meet the Committee

This is the star-studded lineup who have been elected to form your committee for the 2017/18 season. They are a dedicated and friendly group who will ensure that you are able to make the most out of your time in Athletics and University.

"This quote is actually for the 2015/16 season, but the point still stands: 'A great group of people who will definitely put in the time needed to ensure everyone has the best year in the club. It will be a great year and I wish them all the very best!' - Patrick Corsar (Male Captain 2014/15) - Neil McBlane (Webmaster 2017/18)"

If you would like to find out more, don't hesitate to get in touch via here.


Female Captain - Juliet Gold (Goldieblocks)

Main Events - 200m/400m

How to spot her? Talking passionately about sport, your female captain (mostly) always comes with a smile. She's committed to training but that might be because she's avoiding her degree. She is a chatterbox with a thousand stories. Juliet is the cute freckled girl who looks stronger than you.


Male Captain - Damon Salmanzadeh (The Salamander)

Main Events - 100m/200m

Your male captain is the king of chill, always up for a laugh he wears short shorts to the tight-and-bright social and full-on Halloween costumes. A notorious drunk, he will be found keen and in the middle of the fun on a night out but often dragged to a chippy to end the night. Also, it's a blessing if he turns up to an interval session.


Secretary - Sam Thompson (New Club New Nickname)

How to spot him? This guy was once a rower who turned to running last year! He is committed to training even with all his long hours as a medic! He often sports race T-shirts to training so you'll be able to see the wide array of events he has done! He's a big friendly guy who you will love.


Treasurer - Will Parkinson (Fire)

How to spot him? This guy was also once a rower who turned to running last year! A quiet guy but always willing to get involved! Go over and say hi and you will have made a lovely friend.


Sprint Training Secretary - Josie Parry

Main Events - 60mH/100mH

How to spot her? This tall blonde is often a fashionista for patterned leggings. You'll often see her at the track skiving the hard stuff by running over a few hurdles but she will show you all up when she races! + she is often without her other half/BFF/MD training sec. She's the blonde to Beths brunette and one half of the "Josie and Beth combo"


Middle Distance Training Secretary - Beth Francis

How to spot her? This girl has a stride which looks like she could run forever. The commitment she brings to training is one to follow and the brave face she puts on at hills every week is convincing! She is the Brunette to Josie's Blonde and one half of the "Beth and Josie combo"


Throws Secretary - Sean O'Neill

Main Event - Javelin

How to spot him? With a win in last years SUCA competition this guy can throw a Javelin! You'll mostly find him on Meadowbank's grass. He may be used to throwing a pointy stick but don't fret, with a lovely nature he's sure to make you feel welcome.


Competition Secretary - Anna Jonsson Sundberg (IKEA)

How to spot her? This Swedish gal will often be found with an injured knee but shes still keen to join in. As a previous captain once said "If you do get her to smile, you are in for a rare but worthwhile treat. Her pearly whites have been known to light up the big cheese d-floor." So go try work your charm.


Publicity Officer - Ben Chan

Main Event - 100m/200m

How to spot him? You may read his fascinating food blog/posts before you meet this guy. His aesthetic pictures and love of training make him the perfect publicity officer. Stay tuned for all this years info via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. He is keen for more fundraising events so there is sure to be some fun times ahead!


Alumni Officer - Alice Horne (Alan Horné)

Main Event - 60m/100m

How to spot her? She will always be found on the dance floor of P'row on a Saturday night with as many VK's as she can hold. You'll see her one minute and have lost her the next - she knows EVERYONE. You might also pass her on her bike on her way to class, but if you really want to see her, P'row is your best bet.


Social Secretary - Jan Duncan

How to spot her? This girl will always be found in WHYNOT with drinks and a smile. Keen for taking part in anything she'll definitely make you feel welcome. When she's not in a club she can also found shearing sheep...cos why no eh?